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High-pressure systems

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With high-pressure gas as one medium and a colder liquid as the other, the gas flow is normally more than 500 times the volume of the liquid flow.This makes the Airec design a superior choice compared to traditional plate heat exchangers.

The flexibility of the Airec design, with the possibility of integrating two-step configurations in one heat exchanger, offers unique possibilities to optimize the function.

Water-cooled intercoolers

Intercoolers increase the efficiency of combustion engines by reducing the increase in air temperature created by compression. Cooling the air at nearly constant pressure increases the density of the intake air charge.

For stationary applications such as CHP and gensets, Airec offers superior gas-to-liquid heat exchangers with major advantages over competing intercoolers designed for marine applications with unlimited cooling water.

The excellent performance of Airec designs often makes it possible to reduce the cooling water requirement by 75% with a cooling effect equal to that of a traditional water-cooled intercooler. The lower water requirement with a much higher temperature rise for the water in the intercoolers offers important advantages:

  • In CHP applications, the energy transferred in the intercooler can be utilized for heating. Airec intercoolers increase the overall energy efficiency in CHP by 5%.
  • The higher temperature of the water leaving the intercooler dramatically increases the performance of the radiator/dry cooler used to re-cool the circulating water. This effect is especially valuable in high ambient temperatures. The size and cost of the dry coolers are also reduced.

Engine intercoolers - Pressure ≤ 3 bar (g)

Engine power(kW)

Airec product

Air flow range (kg/s)

≤ 100
Compact 26
≤ 150
Compact 37
Compact 72
≤ 2 000

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