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Airec heat exchangers have several applications in the process industries. Their compact format, low pressure drop, high thermal efficiency, and, especially, their superior condensing capacity mean they offer significantly better performance and customer value than competing heat exchangers in process applications.

For process applications are condensing capacity essential. Airec has as plate heat exchanger superior condensing performance compared to fin-coils and other tube designs. The reason is that by Airec plate heat exchanger condensation take place over most of the plate.

For a fin-coil the condensation is concentrated to the front-side of the tubes only.

By equal leaving gas temperature is the condensation ratio much higher for Airec.

compare condensation plate heat exchanger better than tube

Example of process applications where Airec products are utilized:

  • Product recovery – A waste gas stream may contain valuable chemicals and/or toxic by-products. If these are condensable, Airec heat exchangers can be used to recover them.

    Recovery of acetone from nitrogen gas in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Drying a product gas stream – Steam and VOCs reduce the value and quality of the gas. The problem can be solved, without considerable pressure drop, by drying the gas stream using Airec heat exchangers.

    Biogas upgrading system gas cooler. As a final step in the biogas upgrading process, the energy content of the gas increased by condensation of the water content and by cooling the pressurized gas without considerable pressure drop.

Direct cooling of untreated biogas before use in a biogas engine. Biogas naturally contains moisture, which reduces the energy output from combustion. Furthermore, biogas formation is an exothermic process, so the gas contains heat in itself.

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