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The Challenge 0

Indop d.o.o. in the Gorenje-group in Slovenia focuses on the development, the production and maintenance of CHP units, especially micro-cogeneration units 6 – 20 kW el.

The exhaust gas heat exchanger integrated inside the unit must be high efficient with a compact design. For Indop is also simplicity and safety to low cost critical aspects.

Indop micro CHP units

The solution

Indop has chosen Compact 25-C as exhaust gas heat exchanger in its line of micro CHP-units, 6 – 20 kWel, based upon Toyota natural gas engines.

The result

The compact design of Compact 25-C makes it easy to integrate inside the unit.

The thermal efficiency is over 85 % with low pressure drop.

Since 2009 have Airec products successfully been used as high temperature exhaust gas heat exchanger for CHP.

Since its introduction 2012 have more than 1 000 Compact heat exchangers been installed.

So far is not even one case with problems caused by corrosion or clogging known.

Copper is as standard used by natural gas and nickel is chosen when exhaust gas comes from biogas combustion.

CHP heat exchanger gas liquid assymetry assymetric

Dry effect:
10 kW

4 kW

Total thermal effect:
14 kW

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