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Cooling recirculating gas with water as cooling medium

The Challenge 0

In many process systems, quick and controlled cooling of parts and material is required to ensure short production cycles and the correct quality.

Harjavalty, Finland, a member of the OM Group Inc., is a leading manufacturer of semi- manufactured nickel-based products, including nickel briquettes the size of a hen’s egg.

The production process includes cooling the briquettes from 900 °C to 150 °C on a conveyor belt through a twelve-meter long tunnel.

Cooling employs a surrounding water jacket that has only 150 kW effect and needs upgrading.

The solution

Airec Cross 30 reduced cooling time by 60%.

The cooling medium used is non-oxidizing and re-circulating nitrogen, which is cooled effectively in Cross 30.

The nickel briquettes and the nitrogen move in counter flow to each other.

The results with Cross 30 have been proven to be excellent.

The result

A cooling time reduced by 60 % was not the only benefit. The energy transferred to the water is also used in the heating system. And with nitrogen inside the cooling tunnel, the temperature was much more consistent along the tunnel, which improved the quality of the nickel briquettes. In response to these excellent results, Harjavalty has equipped other nitrogen cooling systems with Cross 30.

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