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Low-pressure steam

The Challenge 1

Xianke Co, Shenzhen, China, is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor equipment and components. They de-wax parts using superheated steam at 0.78 bar (g) and 180 °C.

Low-temperature steam has very high latent energy content, but in a traditional heat exchanger the pressure drop is too high to achieve a satisfactory flow through the heat exchanger.

The solution

With the Airec design, even the energy in low-pressure steam can be used to heat water.

After de-waxing, the low-pressure exhaust steam is discharged through one Airec Cross 30-140/C.

The steam goes through the low-pressure side B while the water, which is heated in the heat exchanger, goes through the side A channels.

The result

The Airec heat exchanger’s high efficiency and low pressure drop enable all the energy from the condensing process to be used, with all the low-pressure exhaust steam condensed to water.

Airec Cross 30 low pressure steam

Before                                                                      After

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