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Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – acquired certain technologies and activities from Airec in December 2018.

Airec will be integrated into the Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers unit of the Energy Division. The acquired technology – in combination with Alfa Laval’s existing heat transfer know-how, manufacturing footprint and global market presence – represents untapped opportunities.

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After many years’ experience, engineers at Airec have gained considerable expertise in the design, manufacture, and application of plate heat exchangers for most gas media. We also have resources for the development, design, and performance calculation of completely new products in the gas heat exchanger field.

Our business mission is simple and clear: To develop and manufacture gas heat exchangers that give customers a significant competitive edge when using our products in their systems.

The competitive advantages we offer are dramatic thanks to compact, efficient, and cost-effective heat exchangers unique to Airec. We are a young but strong company that is not subject to the limitations of old technology. We do not follow by imitating others, but lead through creativity and innovation to produce elegant technical solutions for our highly valued customers.

WWF Climate Solver has given Airec the highest rating for its potential to reduce CO2-emissions with its technology.

Airec brazed plate heat exchagner assymetric asymmetrical design


Customer focus

Airec can be summarized like this: Innovative heat exchangers that make a difference.

With a passion to serve our customers, we focus on plate heat exchanger solutions that offer large advantages compared with traditional heat exchangers in selected applications.

Airec has a long tradition and a successful record in complex joint development projects with leading global companies. This to utilize our competence by serving our customers and partners.


Airec has very long global experience in superior and new plate heat exchangers for highly efficient and compact gas-to-liquid heat transfers applications.

Our know-how includes the latest software technology for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element method (FEM) to optimize the design process.

Airec has a successful record and long experience in joint development projects with global customers and partners, optimizing designs and production systems for maximum customer value with completely new plate heat exchanger solutions and designs.

Our AirecCalc software is continuously refined to extend the use of our products with new media and in new applications.



Half our employees are R&D engineers with unique competence in heat transfer, flow dynamics, material technology, software design-support technologies, tool design, and prototype production.

Their competence is often utilized in joint development projects with leading global companies to integrate Airec technology into their products and systems.

To serve our customers and partners have we optimized several design tools in the optimizing process: CFD-analysis, FEM-modelling, heat transfer analysis, chemical and material analysis, modelling, design and building of plate stamping tools; both for prototype testing and for normal production.


Central in the production process for Airec plate heat exchangers are:

  • Press lines with hydraulic high pressure presses for cost effective high volume production.
  • The plate heat exchangers are manufactured using vacuum brazing. The heat exchanger plates are stamped from a stainless steel coil, stacked together, and brazed using either copper or nickel as the brazing material. The vacuum ensures that the material is not contaminated during the brazing process. In the brazing process, the brazing alloy melts and wets all the contact surfaces between the plates, forming brazed joints once the units cool to ambient temperature.


The Airec heat exchanger is a critical component in customers’ products and systems; operational or performance problems are unacceptable.

Airec is ISO 9001 approved. All activities and systems are compliant with ISO 9001.

Applicable products have pressure-vessel certification in accordance with PED 14/68/EU.

Client based auditing programs and special arrangements to meet the demands of individual global customers are fulfilled on a regular basis.