Airec exhibited at IPAC 2017



June 9 , 2017 |

Airec exhibited at IPAC 2017

Airec exhibited at IPAC 2017 (International Particle Accelerator Conference).

Airec is deeply involved in the large EU research center ESS. With ESS as host Airec participated at IPAC 2017, 15 – 17th of May in Copenhagen.

Airec informed about the planned heat recovery system for the helium compressors at ESS. The power is totally 3,5 MW which stands for 1/3 of the total heat recovery at ESS.

The main attraction in the Airec stand was the helium re-liquefaction system from ILK. With the unique 99,8 % efficiency the re-liquefaction system is delivering 85 % of the required liquid helium. As only 15 % of the liquid helium must be produced in the cold box in the cryo plant large cost reductions and energy saving are reached.

Several systems are in operation at JINR (Joint Institute Nuclear Research) Dubna, Russia.

JINR confirms:

  • More than 50 % lower costs
  • More than 70 % lower energy consumption compared to traditional cryo plants for production of liquid helium when cooling magnets and superior conductors in research facilities.

Watch the movie showing the function for the 85 % He re-liquefaction system.


Karin Röding

Karin Röding, state secretary in the Swedish governments educational department was one of many visitors in the Airec stand.