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A genset is a stationary combustion engine driving a generator to produce electricity. Around 30 – 40 % of the input energy is converted into electricity, the remainder being lost as heat. CHP (combined heat and power) systems utilize the heat from both motor cooling and, especially, the exhaust gas to produce heat energy as hot water. Airec enables over 90 % of the input energy be turned into either electricity or heat energy.

The engine circuit is often used as input in the exhaust gas heat exchanger, enabling both heating sources to be utilized. As an alternative, the heating water circuit with an entering temperature around 40 °C can be used. This arrangement further increases efficiency because there is also the latent energy released by condensation of the water vapor in the exhaust gas.

A separate Airec heat exchanger with a heating water circuit for condensing performance after the hot combustion gas heat exchanger offers high efficiency and a short payback time.

The patented plate design enables Airec exhaust gas heat exchangers to handle the high gas temperatures in CHP systems with sufficient cooling liquid without thermal fatigue.

Airec has optimal exhaust gas heat exchanger designs for different CHP capacity ranges.

Electrical power (kWel)
5 – 30 10 – 75 60 - 300
Optimal Airec product
Compact 25
Compact 36
Compact 71
Exhaust gas flow (kg/h)
25 – 150
50 – 375
From 300
Thermal efficiency (%) 1)
90 – 92
94 – 96
90 – 95

1) Thermal efficiency η =  (T Gas In – T Gas Out) / (T Gas In-T Water In ) x 100


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