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One of the latest applications in which Airec has been successfully providing superior heat exchanger technology is cryogenics. Cryogenic gas-to-gas systems are cooling systems for extremely low temperatures (< -196 °C) where every percentage gain in efficiency is essential in order to reach the desired temperatures.

Cryogenic systems include special challenges:

  • Heat exchanger thermal efficiency exceeding 99%.
  • Temperatures below -196°C that require special material, construction, and certification procedures.
  • Highly demanding requirements for freedom from leaks under a helium design pressure of up to 25bar (g).
  • Thermal stresses due to the steep thermal gradient along the heat exchanger could cause material failure if not considered in the design calculations.

Advanced CFD and FEM calculations can be performed to predict system performance and reliability before manufacturing.

Components used in cryogenics require the use of advanced, certified stainless steel alloys. Airec can serve its customers with the required materials and pressure vessel certifications up to 25 bar (g) for temperatures down to -273 °C, i.e. very close to absolute zero. Such temperatures are used in physics research, for example, to keep superconductive materials at the very low operating temperatures that allow enormous magnetic fields to be generated.

Airec is collaborating with the German institute ILK Dresden (Institute for Air Handling and Refrigeration), which is one of the leading European institutes in the cryogenics sector.

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