Biogas upgrading plant

The Challenge 0

The Malmberg COMPACT™ Gas Refinery (GR) Series is a unique concept that enables standard biogas refinement plants to offer the highest gas quality.
The Malmberg Compact Gas Refinery System for upgrading biogas is based on water scrubber technology. It is pre-fabricated and mounted in a special container.
The system is optimized to ensure the best performance with low energy input and maximum heat recovery.
A critical component in the system is the biogas coolers.

The solution

Malmberg has chosen Airec to supply heat exchangers for cooling the biogas because of their high efficiency, compact design, and low pressure drop. Several successful installations are in operation in Sweden, Germany, and Austria.

The result

The Airec heat exchanger system for Malmberg is designed for up to 1 250 Nm3/h raw biogas. The system includes cooling with glycol water in two steps. In normal performance, the raw biogas is cooled from 150 °C to less than 15 °C, with over 40 l/h water condensed and a total effect of around 100 kW.


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