Compressed air cooling

The Challenge 0

Compressed air is utilized in most industrial and process systems.

Much of the energy required to produce compressed air at 6-10 bar (a) is transferred to the air, increasing its temperature by 100–150 °C. The hot compressed air must be cooled before being used in the compressor system. The recovered heat energy can also be used to heat water for heating, warm water, or process heating.

The heat exchanger must not only resist the pressure of the compressed air, but also be efficient and compact.

The solution

The Compact design is the optimal solution for this challenge. Compact’s superior efficiency means the compressed air is cooled to a temperature around 5–15 °C higher than that of the entering water. The water can be used for pre-heating but is also valuable as hot water for other uses.

Compact is much more efficient than traditional shell-and-tube designs, and the air-side pressure drop is much lower than for traditional plate heat exchangers. Compact is extremely compact, with all connections integrated. No separate pressure-resistant housing or shell is required.

The result

In South Korea, heat recovery and cost savings are important focuses across industry. A substantial number of industrial compressors in South Korea have been operating for years with excellent results using Compact 70-C heat exchangers.

Performance examples

Kia, Mando, Dymos , Hyundai
Compressor fabricator
Samsung, IHI, Ingersoll Rand
Turbo / Oil-free
Compact version
Compact 70 BH-C
Air pressure
6-10 bar (a)
Air flow
≈3 kg/s / 150 Nm3/min
Heat power
up to 300 kW

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