Condensing CHP function

The Challenge 0

The primary exhaust gas heat exchanger cools the exhaust gas to 100 – 120°C. The exhaust gas contains then not only thermal energy but also large amount of latent energy due to the high humidity in the gas.

If the installation includes a low temperature heating circuit is Compact as an extra low temperature condensing heat exchanger a superior option utilizing the remaining energy in the exhaust gas.

The condensing CHP function can be both a part of the system from the CHP supplier or an upgrading retrofit for the specific CHP system in the field.

A high efficiency (especially high condensing performance), compact design, simplicity, safety and low costs are all important features to secure a short pay-back and a high customer value.

The solution

The Compact design has unique advantages as condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger due to its excellent condensing capacity and compact design.


CHP capacity:  50 kWel
Fuel:                   Natural gas, η = 1,0
Exhaust gas:    190 kg/h

Condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger:
Compact 36-C-40-D-W85-G1

The result

Since 2009 have Airec products successfully been used as condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger for CHP.

So far is not even one case with problems caused by corrosion or clogging known.

Copper is as standard used by natural gas combustion

CHP heat exchanger gas liquid assymetry assymetric

Dry effect:
4.3 kW

14.0 kW

Total thermal effect:
18.3 kW

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