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LCD screen production

The Challenge 1

In LCD screen production are hazardous gases released and evacuated. For both fulfilling legislation and to recover expensive chemicals is it necessary that the chemicals are separated and recovered. A high condensing capacity is essential as the separations of the chemicals are achieved due to condensation.

The solution

Existing heat exchanger system were both bulky (“size of 20’ feet container compared to Airec with the size of a chair”) but also offering low separation capacity due to the low condensation ratio.

Cross 30-N in 1-3 step arrangements give both higher thermal efficiency but also much higher condensing capacity.

The design includes integrated separators to recover different chemicals in different steps by different condensation temperature levels.

The result

In Taiwan, 178 of  totally185 production lines for TFT-LCDs are equipped with Airec nickel-brazed heat exchangers. From each production line, 40 – 60 l of chemicals worth 2.50 USD/kg are recovered per day.

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