Low-pressure steam – food

The Challenge 1

Condensation from saturated air and low-pressure steam releases a great deal of energy that can be recovered with a short payback time. Food processes such as frying and boiling are examples where that energy is transferred to water that can be used internally or delivered to a district heating system.

A leading Swedish producer of potato chips wanted to recover the energy from its exhaust hoods in their process line. Their choice of Airec was based on successful results from earlier installations in the same application.

The solution

Condensation from saturated air and from low-pressure steam are applications that Airec heat exchangers, with their extremely high heat transfer and condensation performance combined with low pressure drop, handle better than all other heat exchanger designs.

Before entering a Cross 30, the gas is cleaned centrifugally, separating the fat for reuse. This kind of system solution is necessary for maximal recovery and function.

Cross 30 enables the water to be heated to a temperature very close to the steam’s contending temperature.

Cross 30 brazed with copper (or nickel when food industry regulations so require) mounted in a counter-flow configuration is easy to clean because the gas channels are open for inspection and cleaning with high-pressure water

The result


  Media Flow Temp. In Temp. Out
Side A
22.5 kg/sec
Side B
Dry air + steam
0.1 + 1.4 kg/sec

Effect:                3 000 kW
Payback:             < 1 year

As the condensing temperature is 92 °C, more than 90% of the steam condenses, and the white discharge from the chimney is almost totally eliminated.

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