Heat Exchangers


Cross-flow arrangement.

The low-pressure side has completely open inlets/outlets and a plate design that allows maximal volume flow with low pressure drop.
The open inlets and outlets at the sides facilitate efficient cleaning of the gas channels using high-pressure water or hot steam.

Cross modules offer great flexibility because they can be assembled into larger systems to optimize performance for different applications and operating conditions.
The Cross heat exchanger product line also includes a range of standardized complete system design for housing.



Counter-flow arrangement for maximal heat transfer and efficiency in asymmetrical applications, normally gas-to-liquid.

All connections are integrated into the heat exchanger. No outside housing or casing is required.
Compact is complete with a condensate connection enabling condensate in the gas medium in side B to drain easily from the heat exchanger.

The thermal efficiency for the gas side with Compact can often exceed 95%.

Both vertical and horizontal gas flow is possible with Compact.
The Compact design is currently available in three different plate sizes:



The superior and complete solution for fully condensing IWH (Instantaneous Water Heaters) and gas boilers.
Capacity: 20 – 120 kW

Plus20 is the ultimate fully condensing heat exchanger for IWH and gas boilers.


Air-to-Air systems

Mainly customized systems developed in close co-operation with OEM-partners for high performing heat recovery, condensation and drying.

For Air-to-Air systems with temperature up to 90°C.

Air-to-Air systems