Counter-flow arrangement for maximal heat transfer and efficiency in asymmetrical applications, normally gas-to-liquid.

Compact is made in stainless steel 316L/1.4404 with copper and in most cases nickel as optional brazing material. The plates are stacked together creating alternating high-volume flow channels (side B, with low pressure drop) and lower-volume flow channels (side A, with higher pressure drop).

All connections are integrated into the heat exchanger. No outside housing or casing is required.
Compact is complete with a condensate connection enabling condensate in the gas medium in side B to drain easily from the heat exchanger.
Compact has an even higher thermal efficiency than Cross due to its compact design and large heat transfer surface.The thermal efficiency for the gas side can often exceed 95 %.

The vacuum-brazing process creates a very large number of brazed contact points between each plate, delivering superior mechanical strength.

Compact is the perfect solution for high-pressure gas applications (up to 25 bar in some versions).
Both vertical and horizontal gas flow is possible with Compact.

The Compact design is currently available in three different plate sizes:

Comparison of Compact models

Airec Compact family brazed plate gas heat exchagner

Compact 25/26:        150 kg/h /   600 Nm3/h

Compact 36/37:        500 kg/h / 1 200 Nm3/h

Compact 71/72:     8 000 kg/h / 12 000 Nm3/h
Compact 73:           7 000 kg/h / 12 000 Nm3/h

(normal pressure / high pressure)

Compact 25/26:          278 x 123 mm

Compact 36/37:          357 x 216 mm

Compact 71/72/73:    710 x 300 mm

(H x W)

Product                       Side A                  Side B

Compact 25 Cu:            15,0                    static
Compact 25 Ni:               8,2                    static
Compact 26 Cu:            15,0                    12,0
Compact 26 Ni:               8,2                      6,2

Compact 36:                  25,0                    static
Compact 37:                  25,0                    17,0

Compact 71:                  16,0                     static
Compact 72:                  16,0                       7,0
Compact 73:                  16,0                     16,0

(Bar g)