Optimized heat exchangers for energy efficiency and cost savings in cryogenic systems



September 13 , 2016 |

Optimized heat exchangers for energy efficiency and cost savings in cryogenic systems

The technical workshop 28th of September in Lund, Sweden, will gather leading representatives for European industry, research facilities and academia to network and to discuss common technology challenges.
Sven Persson, founder and CEO of Airec, will give a presentation on how compact asymmetric plate heat exchangers can save energy and reduce cost in cryogenic systems.

Focus on the presentation

Heat recovery and cooling of compressed helium

Three large systems with Cross 30 are planned to be installed at ESS, (European Spallation Source, the EU-financed giant research facility under construction in Lund).
By cooling of hot helium from the compressors serving the cryogenic plants to heat warm water will around 3,5 MW energy be recovered.
The systems stand for one-third of the total energy recovery at ESS and the only heat recovery systems at ESS directly reusable in the district heating network.


ILK cryogenic system

Re-liquefaction of helium in He cryogenic systems

Airec´s Compact 36 heat exchangers in a configuration with over 99,5 % thermal efficiency are the key components in ILK´s, (Institut für Luft – und Kältetechnik, Dresden, Germany), re-liquefaction systems.
Several systems are already in successful operation in Germany and Russia with over 85 % re-liquefaction rate. This means that 85 % of the liquid helium is gained more or less without adding cooling energy.
As the unique and superior performance reduces energy consumption with up to 75 % and cost with up to 60 % is the system expected to have a global “game changing” effect in cryogenic systems producing liquid helium or nitrogen.

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